Noblesville’s Got Talent

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

On September 25th the Stage of Noblesville High School will come alive with a showcase of talent from all over Central Indiana!  Show BEGINS at 6:30 p.m. 

Tickets are now on sale!

Noblesville’s Got Talent!

16 Acts of many kinds will compete for Cash Prizes and to Win this competition.

Your act can showcase your talent whatever it is.  Singing?  Dancing?  Trained Dogs?  Juggling?

All 16 Acts will perform in round 1.  After round one is completed, the audience will use their voting tickets to say which acts they believe should be advancing to the semi finals.  The top 8 vote receivers will advance to round 2.  

In round 2, the top 8 will present another edition of their talent to the audience.  It should be related to the first round act(a singer would sing a different song, a magician would perform different tricks).  Once again, the audience votes after the performances to choose the finalists.  

In the finals, the top 3 vote getters advance to the money round and perform again.  After the performances are completed the audience votes for the winner of the 2021 Noblesville’s Got Talent Competition.  

3rd Prize  – $25

2nd Prize – $50

1st Prize – $200

The audience admission fee is $10 which includes 10 voting tickets that you can disperse as you see fit. Additional tickets are available to purchase for $1 each at any time during the competition.

Notes for contestants:

There will be a sound check on Saturday afternoon.  You will be assigned a window.  Please be on time and mindful of time limits so everyone gets their chance to be on stage before the show.  

You can use audio tracks if you wish.  You can bring personal equipment.  Costume changing is acceptable and encouraged.  This is a show!  On the entry form, please make any special requests so that we can determine if your request is possible and be prepared for it before the day of the event.  Each act should submit an entry fee of $10.

Let’s go Noblesville and Hamilton County!  Show us your talent!