Following please find two EASY ways to fundraise for
the Noblesville High School Choirs :
(this fundraiser goes directly to your student’s account)

Scrip Paper Order Form

This is an easy fundraiser that credits your student’s account with a percentage of the
dollar amount you purchase in gift cards to buy groceries, gas, clothing, entertainment,
travel, etc. PLEASE keep in mind, gas and groceries are items we all need monthly. You
can encourage your family to order as well, however, they must order through you.
Accounts will only be approved for choir parents. Don’t forget you can order gift cards
and e-cards (depending on the retailer). Once you have those in hand, many cards can
be reloaded online. There are also many cards that utilize SCRIP NOW! Which allows
you to logon, purchase and print off your cards for immediate use.
For easy online ordering, please create a Presto Pay Account.
Scrip Ordering 101 Video
PrestoPay Tutorial Video
ScripNow Tutorial Video
Reload Tutorial Video

When you first login, you will be asked for an enrollment code. The code for the
Noblesville High School Choir Parent Organization is: 1D9493C75646L
Orders must be placed and paid for by 6pm on the order due date. Pick up of the cards
may be arranged by calling or texting Danielle Palmer at 317-362-4756. As a reminder,
if you’re paying by check, please make your check payable to NHSCPO and mail to: P.O.
Box 334, Noblesville, IN 46061. Your check must be received by the order date at the
P.O. Box for your order to be included with the group’s order. The orders will be placed
at 6PM on the dates listed. If you’re paying by PrestoPay, please make sure your order is
placed before the deadline date and time. Late PrestoPay orders can’t be cancelled and
will be included as part of the next physical card order. If you have any questions about
scrip or the ordering process, please email the treasurer at


UPCOMING ORDER DATES(through the end of 2020):







*Over 700 retailers available (
*Almost all stores in HTC available
*Reloads available on several cards available(please see online list)
*Instant downloadable cards available for several vendors
*Kohl’s – you may use the gift cards to pay your credit card bill
*Remember, monthly percentage credits add up quickly to help reduce your
student’s choir fees!:) Every little bit helps!


**A percentage (determined by the retailer) of each gift card will be credited to the individual student’s account.  Please note that the choir department will not receive any proceeds from this fundraiser.*



amazon smile logo

Did you know when you order from Amazon, you could also make a donation the choirs?  Instead of using the regular website, go to   You sign in using your Amazon username and password.  Once you are in you can choose your charity.  Simply type in Noblesville High School Choir Parents Organization.  All of your information will be transferred over and the site is identical to the site.  Then whenever you place an order Amazon will be a donation.  Thanks so much and happy shopping!

**Proceeds benefit the Noblesville Choral Department**