The care of costumes is extremely important because we use these from year to year.  Any costume not returned, damaged or stained will be the responsibility of the costume wearer to either fix or replace the costume.  The director(s) will determine the appropriate action.

Below is a general breakdown of what the choir members are required to have:


  • Flesh colored hose/tights (All Choirs)
  • Bustier (Nude) strapless or clear straps if necessary (Show Choirs Only)
  • Black Dance Briefs (Sensation and Singers only)
  • Bra with clear straps or a strapless bra (Concert Choirs Only)
  • Black Dance Briefs or Dance Shorts (Concert Choirs Only)
  • Tan character shoes with 2″ heels (All Choirs)


  • Black Tall socks (All Choirs but Maletonez)
  • White Tall socks (Maletonez)
  • Black dress shoes (All Choirs but Maletonez)
  • Black belt with a silver buckle (Concert Choirs Only)
  • Black Athletic Compression Shorts (Show Choirs Only)
  • White A-line Cotton Tank (Show Choirs only)

Costume & Shoe Tidbits

  • Tan Character Shoes – You can go to any dance store to get measured and purchase the shoes. We recommend getting the 2″ heels from item #T3200.  You can also order them from Amazon for the same price.  Search for: Theatricals 2″ Heel Tan Character Shoes.
  • Black Dress Shoes – Must be lace up shoes.
  • Girls Bustier – We recommend getting fitted at Barbara’s New Beginnings @ The Shops at River Crossing (8635 River Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46240). if you mention they are for show choir, the staff will know what bustier to get.
  • Show Choir Girls – You MUST be covered COMPLETELY for backstage changes, please get a long bustier