Competition Information

Where are we going this year?

January 18, 2020                   Twin Lakes Invitational (The New Dimension & NHS Singers)

January 25, 2020                    Pendleton Heights Invitational (Maletonez & Sensation)

February 1, 2020                    Fishers Silver Spotlight Invitational (Maletonez, Sensation,                                                                                                      The New Dimension & NHS Singers)

February 8, 2020                    Pike MusicFest (The New Dimension & NHS Singers)

February 22, 2020                   Franklin Central Hoosier Classic (The New Dimension &                                                                                                                         NHS Singers)

February 29, 2020                    Mooresville Invitational (Maletonez & Sensation)

March 7, 2020                          John Hersey Chicagoland Showcase (The Dimension & NHS                                                                        Singers)  This is a three day trip from 3/6/20 – 3/8/20

March 21, 2020                        ISSMA State Show Choir Contest (by qualification)

April 24, 2020                          ISSMA Group 1 Qualification Round (The New Dimension &                                                                                                                           NHS Singers)

May 1, 2020                             ISSMA State Group 1 Unisex Finals (if The New Dimension                                                                          qualifies in Round 1 ~ Singers could compete if entered as 2 separate                                                        choirs ~ all male and all female)

May 2, 2020                              ISSMA State Group 1 Mixed Finals (if Singers competes as a                                                                               group and qualifies in Round 1)


This page will be dedicated to general information about competitions that the NHS Choirs will be participating in.  As more information on a particular competition becomes available, it  will be added under it’s own tab in the pull down menu.