2020-2021 School Year Safety & Information

The following is a list of protocols for the coming school year. These may change as the information we have on the Covid situation changes.  At this time, this is how we will operate beginning immediately.

If a cloth mask is not brought, students must use a paper mask and then put the mask in a paper bag with their name on it at the end of class; they are responsible for their own mask – it is not to be left in the classroom
Adherence to Standing Chart REQUIRED
Personal Water Bottle REQUIRED
Social Distancing REQUIRED
Organized Bathroom Break in Shifts
Organized Dismissal in Shifts
Hand Sanitizer Available
Temps Taken before entry to choir room
Form to be filled out for students who were not present at school that day for after school rehearsals
We will rehearse in more than one space to spread out as much as possible
Students should be prepared to rehearse outside if the weather is acceptable

Additionally, with the class rotation, when you are “at home” you are expected to be in the class via google hangouts during the regular class time and should be participating as well as you possibly can.  Eventually, we will have practice tapes online for you to work with at home.  Only with your dedication will this department rise to this challenge.

Online Expectations
*Due to the unknown and ever changing nature of this school year, any and all expectations may be changed due to circumstances.

● Students are required to be available and online during class time unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
● Students must be present at the start of the class period to be marked present. If you show up late, you will be marked tardy. If you do not check in, you will be marked absent.

Responsibilities and Requirements
● Be visible. Students may be required to turn on their video camera during instruction. Seeing students faces, mouth/vowel shapes when possible, and posture is a necessary component of online choral instruction.
● Students may be required to sing over live video streaming and/or video recording.
● During online instruction, students’ video sound must remain muted unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
● Students must use the chat option appropriately online. It should only be used to ask the teacher questions or respond to questions asked by the teacher.
● Students must be kind and respectful online. Do NOT save, record, screenshot, share, or post anything from online class meetings.
● Students need to check their school email and Canvas messages daily for communication.

Modified Instruction
● If a student is using or moves to 100% online learning, instruction may be modified to suit that Student’s capabilities and resources. This will be done on an individual basis.
● Students may be required to submit videos of themselves singing their own parts for the teacher to evaluate. NO video submitted to instructors will be viewed by anyone other than Mr. Neubauer or Mrs. Maxwell.

*Restrictions brought about by safety protocols have been approved by the Noblesville Schools administration. Please direct your questions or concerns to the main office.